As a student, you may be someone who loves to travel, and what better way than to travel over the summer when the university has finished for a couple of months. A lot of the time over the summer students need to clear out their houses for the summer. If you are doing this, it may be a clever idea to rent a storage unit whilst you are on your travels.

Here are some of our storage tips whilst you are travelling:

Decide What Items You Want To Keep In Storage

This is the most important aspect when it comes to booking a storage unit, you need to decide what you are keeping with you and what you are going to store. This also gives you a good chance to declutter, and rather than storing certain items you might find that it makes more sense to donate instead.

Pack Your Items Properly

Our next tip is to ensure that you have packed your items properly. For example, if you are packing delicate items then you will want to ensure that you pack and wrap them properly. Otherwise, if you do not then you can risk damaging your items, and this is the last thing you want. If you are storing furniture, then it will be an innovative idea to cover it with a clean, white, cotton sheet. If you cover your furniture with a dark sheet, then the colour can bleed into your furniture if there is any moisture in your storage unit.

Make Sure To Label Your Boxes

This is important especially if you are going to be travelling, as you will not be visiting your storage unit for a few months. Labelling your boxes will make it easier for you to find out what you packed and where you packed it when it comes to unpacking again. Make sure to make a list of everything that you are storing in each box and then store this list in the said box this means that when it comes to unpacking you know what should be in each box and whether anything is missing.

Get The Security You Need and Even Insurance For Peace Of Mind

At Storage Manchester, we take the security and safety of our storage facility very seriously and we pride ourselves on being the best and most secure storage solutions for our customers. Our facility has over 100,000 sqft and comes with over 180 state of the art CCTV cameras and a red care alarm system that is linked directly to the police. Not only this but your storage unit will also be padlocked and only you can have access to it.

If this is not enough peace of mind for you, why don’t you consider insurance? At Storage Manchester, we also offer all our customers the opportunity to purchase insurance. We offer a tailored insurance policy at a competitive price.

There you have some of our top tips when it comes to storing whilst you are travelling. For more information and if you want to find a storage unit that is suitable for you and your price range. Contact Storage Manchester today.