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At Storage Manchester we offer a huge range of business storage solutions for businesses in the Manchester area. 

Let us help your business stand out with our dedicated Business Storage Solutions! 

At Storage Manchester we understand business; after all, we are one ourselves. That is why we offer the very best storage and space-related solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs in and around the Greater Manchester area.

Our prices are not only the cheapest for those looking to store for personal reasons, we also offer the cheapest rates for self storage to businesses in the Manchester area.

We guarantee to make storing with us as a business cheaper than any of our competitors in the Manchester area. If you are looking to store excess stock, office furniture or other office and business-related products then get in touch – we can help.

There are multiple reasons why a business may consider using a self storage facility. At Storage Manchester, we are flexible in our approach to providing custom and tailor-made solutions for your business storage needs. We have an experienced and dynamic team of storage experts on hand that have assisted countless numbers of successful businesses in the past. Our team can use their knowledge and experience to help find a solution that works best for you and your business.

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In addition to this many start-up businesses and entrepreneurs choose to use a self storage facility to run their business out of. We provide clean, secure and reliable space for businesses to work from that is available 7 days a week. Our facility also has a receipt and dispatch service so you can get business goods delivered straight to Storage Manchester. Our staff will notify you when your goods arrive on site and look after them until you get to your unit.

Our facility is secure with over 180 CCTV cameras on-site and a state of the art security system. As a business, we take your security and the security of the items you store with us very seriously. By making an investment in self storage at Storage Manchester you are investing in the security of your products and merchandise. All this security does not come with a price either, despite our extensive and reliable on-site security and maintenance we still guarantee to be the cheapest in Manchester.

Some businesses can even be run out of a storage facility, here is just a few of them:

  • eBay or Amazon sellers
  • Repair Work
  • Crafting and creative work
  • Video and photo production
  • Charities
  • Market stallholders

In addition to storage we also offer office space rentals with custom, tailor-made and affordable office space on site. This creates a perfect opportunity for businesses to take advantage of well equipped and maintained office spaces located in a close distance to Manchester city centre without those city centre prices. Using one of our office spaces also creates a great opportunity for those companies already storing their products and merchandise in our storage facilities to move their storage and operations on-site with Storage Manchester so they have access to everything in one location.

Whatever your storage needs our expert team are on hand to advise and guide you through the process so make an investment in using storage space with Storage Manchester today and you will not be disappointed with the savings you could make to your business.

What items can you store in a business storage unit?

Storage units are often known for storing furniture and old or valuable belongings when you’re relocating. They can also be utilised if you lack space in your home or office. However, storage units can also be useful for businesses, too. Business storage units are incredible storage solutions that allow your business to store a range of items.

Most notably, you can store your products, packaging, stock and items for delivery in a storage unit. You may store items that need delivering to customers or your products that are set to be delivered. In fact, there is a huge variety of industries that utilise business storage, with an abundance of reasons for which they use it. 

Whether you’re an online business sending out physical goods or an in-person company with plenty of inventory, here are some items you can store:

  • Products and deliveries – You can store your products and items for sale in storage, be it a range of unfinished commercial products, or packaged products ready for delivery. Online businesses sell their products online meaning there is no need for a physical store, but a storage unit can be perfect for facilitating your goods. Our units provide you with an effective delivery model. (we do not accept food or perishable goods and stock)
  • Stock and inventory – Even if you have a physical store, you may have large amounts of products and business stock that need storing; perhaps for use at a later date. Therefore, a storage unit would be highly useful for you. You can store your stock and inventory here too, especially if you have huge amounts of it. Retailers can store their excess business stock, which makes inventory management easier.
  • Documents – Though most documentation and files are now stored online, companies are still required to preserve paper copies of a variety of paperwork for several years, forcing them to pay for costly office space. That said, document storage and storage units are more viable and affordable solutions for storing any business documents. 
  • Hospitality furniture – If you work in the hospitality industry, you’ll likely have some extra chairs and tables in the event that you need to accommodate extra guests or your other furniture becomes damaged suddenly. Office furniture can be stored too.
  • Tools and equipment – If your business specialises in a specific trade or requires tolls and machinery, storing them in a business storage unit is the ultimate way to keep them safe and protected from theft or damage – this is even more so essential since many tradesmen have experienced theft of their tools from their work vans in the past. Our facilities are even great for pallet storage and sample storage.

What is the purpose of storage for businesses?

Whatever you plan on storing in your business storage unit, be it stock and large machinery, or industrial products ready for delivery, storage for business is without a doubt the best solution for ensuring your goods and belongings are kept safe and secure. Again, you may just be storing inventory and tools or materials for your work and products; however, you may also desire a storage unit for when you are relocating offices or redesigning your working space.

If you’re a business owner or run a small business and don’t want to pay exorbitant business rates by storing extra stock on several floors of office buildings or you just require additional storage room to keep inventory, business storage is a fantastic option. When renting office space, you may find yourself locked into a long and expensive contract regardless of your office hours. Our commercial storage solutions, on the other hand, are tailored to the needs of your business and are a cost-effective solution for you.

All business owners understand how much it costs to rent larger offices, how waiting time affects the number of goods they sell, as well as how much shipping costs increase the price you charge customers on their delivery receipt. Storing your products and goods in a storage facility like our very own state-of-the-art storage units in Manchester is the ultimate alternative. This option will not only save you money but will also allow your day-to-day business operations to flow more effectively while coping with delivery collections more efficiently.

Business storage is incredible even for small businesses. While you might think that paying for a storage unit is a stretch in your budget if you are just starting out, our storage units are extremely affordable. Maybe your home-based business was doing really well, but it’s now grown to the point where it’s taking up your entire house and you need extra room for storing things. Or, perhaps you’ve only recently established your company and have soon realised that storing your tools and equipment at home simply isn’t going to work. You needn’t worry or look further into these issues, as simply placing your items in a business storage unit is the perfect option for you.


Storage units can even be used as an alternative office space – just rent and use them as industrial workshops and offices. We can provide a bespoke office quote. This is a great framework for power businesses.

Our immaculate business storage facilities provide you with far lower overheads, peace of mind with 24-hour surveillance, and extra controls for security, ensuring your items are kept safe and protected. Our adaptable business storage offers a variety of options for any different types of businesses, from a startup online goods business to an industrial carbon capture business or dispatchable power agreement business.

business storage

The benefits of both short and long-term storage solutions for businesses

Boasting state-of-the-art security systems, 24/7 access and surveillance, as well as cheap and affordable rates, both short and long-term storage solutions offer several benefits for businesses. Extensive security measures are in place for each and every one of our storage facilities, whether it be our short-term student storage or long-term business storage units.

A huge benefit of storage solutions for businesses is that logistic expenses are significantly cheaper, and you’ll also be able to arrange a system to collect items strictly on-demand when you need them. Both long and short-term storage facilities are far less expensive than renting an office or warehouse. You get much lower overheads, which save you money that you can use to fund other aspects of the business such as staff training, product development and marketing measures.

two people in a storage room

Not only are business storage facilities secured with locks and keys, but they are also monitored by CCTV surveillance. This produces a visual record of anyone who has entered your unit, which works as a strong deterrent against any illegal entry attempts and provides extra security for your storage. You have total power over how your business storage facility is secured when you hire it. Small businesses with large teams or more than one major worker will benefit from the flexibility that business storage offers.

Smoke and fire detection are a crucial aspect of security, and business storage utilises highly efficient smoke and fire detection systems to keep your goods and items safe, secure, and protected from fire when they are kept in our highly secure storage units in Manchester.

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Our storage solutions are great for all businesses and even work effectively for a delivery acceptance service.

If you require a quote for our business storage solutions or would like to know more about what we offer and the benefits of our affordable storage units for your business, get in touch with our exceptional customer service team today.