Get The Best Self Storage And Make The Most Informed Decisions….

Finding the right storage for you can be difficult. Storage Manchester is a local storage company based just outside of the Manchester city centre and our team have years of experience in delivering the highest level of storage services to our customers. That being said, there is a lot of choice within the storage industry now with both large and small storage companies popping up all over the Manchester area and the country as a whole. For this reason, the amount of information available can often be overwhelming and finding the right storage unit and company that works for you can be difficult.

At Storage Manchester, we have put together this useful guide on how to find a storage unit that works for you in the Manchester area. We will look at a range of different things including price, distance, accessibility, and long term viability. All of these things and more can have a big impact on how you choose your self storage facility.


storage research

Doing your research around what kind of storage you need is important. There are loads of great resources out there to help you find the best storage for your needs. You will find Storage Manchester on some of the top storage compression sites in the country. We think websites like this are a great opportunity to showcase our incredibly low prices alongside our competition. In addition to this, we pride ourselves on providing as much storage information as possible on our website. A good well-rounded website can help you gain insight and knowledge into what kind of storage works for you. On the Storage Manchester website, for example, you will find information on Business Storage, Home Storage, Student storage and more. With our website, you can gather all the information you need before you even talk to a member of our team.


storage promotions

Getting the most out of your storage can really make a big difference to your bottom line. For that reason getting the best promotions and special offers can be super important. Many self storage companies will offer discounted rates for fixed periods when you start to store with them along with a whole host of other freebies and promotions. These extras can make the difference when it comes to saving the most money with a storage provider. Competition in the industry is great for the consumer and as a result of fierce competition in the self storage industry it has never been cheaper to store your belongings. Promotions such as Storage Manchester’s 50% off for 10 weeks, Unlimited Free Packing Boxes and No Deposit or Insurance are just some examples of how good promotions can help you find the best storage for you.


storage location

Location is an important factor when it comes to looking for a storage unit. The prospect of having to move all your things in and eventually out of a storage unit can seem daunting. Add to this an increase in distance and it could quite easily begin to sway your decision and choice on a storage facility. That being said, many self storage facilities will take advantage of prominent locations to charge you more for your storage. With a little shopping around you may be able to find a self storage facility that offers certain deals or promotions that make distance irrelevant. For example, Storage Manchester offers free collection and removal services as well as a free van rental for all customers. When taking advantage of these services suddenly distance becomes much less of an issue and customers are able to go for the cheapest and most reliable option rather than the one that is closest to them.

Long Term vs Short Term

long term and short term storage

It is important to know what you need your storage for and how long you plan to store for before looking at storage companies in more detail. You should have a clear outline of how long you want to store for as the differences in price and promotions between short term and long term storage can often be very different. Many storage companies will offer you large discounts and deals if you store with them for longer periods of time. Similarly, if you are looking to store for a short period of time in small quantities then this may be something you can use to negotiate a price with your storage provider. Storage Manchester offers customers that store for long periods of time discounted rates such as storage from just £1 per week or 50% off for the first 12 weeks of storage with us.


storage specialities

There are arguably 3 main types of self storage that most storage companies will look to specialise in and promote. Storage Manchester are experts in delivering Business Storage, Home Storage, Student storage solutions. Home storage caters towards those looking to store household goods and is often used during house moves or renovations. Business Storage comes in many shapes and forms but is often used for extra storage space for inventory or during office moves and renovations. Finally, student storage can be used by students looking to store their belongings over the summer holidays so they can return home or free up time to go on vacations or travel. Storage Manchester are proud to offer industry-leading services in all specialities of self storage.

Ultimately all the information is out there to help you make a well informed and calculated decision on your storage needs. Using comparison sites, search engines and company websites can help you gather all the information you need to find the right storage provider and service for yourself. At Storage Manchester, our team of expert storage staff are always on hand 7 days a week to help answer any more questions you might have or to give you your very own bespoke self storage quote which we guarantee will be the cheapest and most rewarding in the whole Manchester area.