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Keep your valued belongings safe, organised and secure whilst in storage by taking advantage of our unlimited supply of free packing boxes for all customers. 


  • Unlike many other storage companies we will supply you with all the storage boxes you need to move your belongings in completely free of charge (all box sizes are available). 
  • Did you know that most other storage companies charge between £2 and £5 per cardboard box?
  • Our fantastic services don’t stop at free boxes, we also stock mattress covers, sofa and armchair covers, bubble wrap, tape and any other packing supplies you might need to make your move a good one. 
  • Simply come in to pick up your boxes, if you don’t have enough come back in and we can give you more.
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unlimited free packing boxes in manchester

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When it comes to moving house or packing your things up to put them into storage one of the least thought of things is how you’re going to transport your items and where you are going to keep them during storage. At Storage Manchester, this doesn’t need to be something you think or worry about because we offer all of our customers unlimited free packing boxes to help store away their belongings making them easier to pack, move and store.

We are the only provider of self storage in the Greater Manchester area that provides free packing boxes to its customers. Many other storage companies charge between £2-£5 per box so even if you are only storing a few items those prices can start to climb up quickly. With us, you simply pay for your storage space at the cheapest possible price. The cost of any extras such as unlimited packing boxes and van rentals we take care of for you.

In addition to this, we also offer a whole range of other items to help keep your belongings safe and secure whilst in storage. Some of the other things we stock include armchair covers, bubble wrap, tape and a whole host of other packing supplies that you might require.

To get your free boxes simply pop to our site just outside Manchester city centre after talking to a member of our team to collect your free packing boxes before your storage period begins. If you aren’t sure how many you need then our team will be able to advise you and don’t worry, if you need more you can always pop back to us and we will sort that for you.