Having a busy schedule can be extremely overwhelming. However, there are ways to tackle this. If you are someone with an extremely busy and overwhelming schedule try out some of the ways that we have suggested below. 

Divide Larger Tasks Into Smaller Ones

If you think a project or a task will take you days or weeks to complete, consider dividing these tasks into smaller ones. Doing this can help you feel a sense of accomplishment and help you to slowly work towards the primary goal. If you cut the task down into smaller chunks, this can help you to stop feeling so overwhelmed. 


Prioritising your work can help you to complete the most pressing tasks first. Completing the most important tasks first can help to relieve anxiety and stress. You could prioritise your tasks by looking at what deadlines are closest, special requests by management, client importance, etc. Completing the most important tasks first means that you may feel less pressure throughout the workday.

Do Not Overcommit

No matter how hard it is, try not to say yes to every task that is thrown at you otherwise this will just cause you to feel more pressure, stress, and anxiety. If you are taking on more tasks than you can realistically complete this can lead you to a negative “I hate working” mindset which is a mindset that you don’t want to have. Saying no is a skill that should be developed and ensures that you are working within your limits. 

Delegate Tasks

There is absolutely no harm in delegating tasks. Find someone else at work who can help you out with some of your tasks so you can focus on other responsibilities. Look through your to-do list and identify what tasks you can delegate. Delegating tasks helps you to manage your time and energy. 

Take A Break

Managing a busy schedule can be overwhelming and tiring. Remember to take a break! Taking regular breaks will stop you from feeling drained and exhausted. Schedule breaks into your calendar and take the time to breathe and live in the moment. Give yourself a chance to recharge so you can finish your to-do list with ease and a fresh mind. 

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