Imagine this, you come back to your storage unit to pick up a very important file, you open your storage unit to find 7 stacks of huge boxes piled up vertically and 10 of such similar boxes horizontally, and now’s the twist, you do not remember which box has your document.

And that’s why you should read our top 5 ways to create an inventory for your storage unit.

Not only will an inventory save you a lot of time but could also be a crucial piece of information should you ever need to claim your insurance.


Box by Box

When creating your inventory, pick a corner of your storage unit and go box by box. Empty the boxes one by one and list things down in a piece of paper as you take things out. Create a copy of the list, past one on the box and keep the other copy safe for future use.

Follow the same approach for all of your boxes, you can also group things based on rooms, colours, and other common differentiators.



Create a master list which you can update every time you remove or add something in your storage unit. Your master list should be detailed with box numbers, date, list of items in a box, in date and out date. Creating a digital master list will help to keep track of things easily.


Keep the list updated, all the time

It is a task to be disciplined, but believe us on this, you will thank us later! It is very important to keep your master list updated every time you remove or add anything in your storage. It doesn’t matter if the items you moved or added is big or small, you must record it and keep this list updated.


Organise your storage unit

Use shelves in your storage unit to create more space and accommodate more stuff. Label your boxes and shelves. Use boxes as segregation to create space. Use one space for a certain type of things, don’t mix everything and cramp up the storage space.


Remember to strikeout

Always remember to strike out the things from the list as and when you take out stuff from your unit. Make sure to do the same on all your records, the one on the box, and the digital list

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