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Unlike many other storage companies with Storage Manchester, we have a no deposit policy so you won’t pay hefty upfront costs to store with us. 


storage manchester won't take a deposit from you to store with us

  • Many of our competitors charge an expensive deposit. With us just pay weekly when you start to store with us.
  • At Storage Manchester we let you pay weekly for your storage or work out a payment plan that works for you.
  • Some other storage companies will even charge one month’s storage as a deposit and insist on the first 8 weeks being paid as soon as their customers move in. 
  • At Storage Manchester we believe in making things easy for our customers, we have a range of payment plans that suit you. 
no deposit to store with storage Manchester

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At Storage Manchester, we won’t take a deposit from you to store with us.

Many other storage companies around Manchester will take a hefty deposit from you in exchange for storing with them.

In addition to this many companies will insist on the 1st 8 weeks being paid upfront when their customers move in. At Storage Manchester, you simply move in when agreed and start paying on a weekly or monthly basis depending on what suits you.

Some companies will even insist that you pay for your full storage term in advance. At Storage Manchester, we take a flexible approach with payment plans tailored around your needs. We will always come to an agreement that works for both parties.

Storing with Storage Manchester is a no-brainer. Saving on a hefty deposit will help you free up funds for things that are more important in life. If you are moving house then this can help towards the cost of that, if you are renovating then it gives you a little extra cash on hand to invest and if you are a business customer storing with us then it will help free up some of the cash flow within your business. Whatever benefits you may gain from it, Storage Manchester’s zero deposit policy is good news for all of our customers. Get in touch today to find out more.

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