Transitioning back to work? Storage Manchester can help you re-imagine your office space

Steering through the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftershock is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Offices around the UK are getting back to life slowly and steadily. It is prudent for top management to start preparing for its employees to getting back to the workplace. To keep the operations going while minimizing the risk to employees, most companies have reworked on their strategies and ways of working.

Guidance and Support

Safety of the employees is paramount which means that management teams will need to understand and follow the government’s COVID-19 guidance and support. You can click here to check what the employers need to do to keep their people safe. Please note that this guidance is only for businesses that are allowed to open in England.

Storage for your business needs

storage for business

Restaurants are where people may see some drastic changes. Spacing out tables, creating more space in the waiting area, pantry and workplace, chefs wearing masks, customers and employees following the 2 metres or 1 metre with risk mitigation, will be part of some mandatory rules that the restaurants will have to follow. This is where Storage Manchester can help the businesses with their storage needs.

We at Storage Manchester understand business, after all, we are one ourselves. Using self-storage from Storage Manchester can have a huge range of benefits. When you are already strapped for space, storing more of that extra furniture, or unused shelves into a storing unit will help solve your problems. With a unit’s help, you can streamline your functionality by just keeping everyday necessities on hand and when you do need that inventory, we help out our customers with a free dispatch service.

Storage Deals For Your Business 

At Storage Manchester, we are proud to say that as well as having industry-leading services we also guarantee to be the cheapest provider of self storage in the Manchester area. We have a range of deals and offers that help us to be so cheap. These offers include but are not limited to 50% off your first 10 weeks of storage and no deposit (just pay weekly). Between these two offers, our customers are able to save an absolute fortune in comparison to other storage facilities in the Manchester area.

Office Space For Your Business

Many self storage facilities even have dedicated office space that you can rent nearby. This is a fantastic solution for businesses that may be using self storage to store their stock and belongings and can have all of their inventory in the same location as their office. In addition to this self storage located offices can generally be a little cheaper than dedicated office blocks so they can be a low-cost alternative for startup agencies and businesses looking for affordable office space. 

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At Storage Manchester, we understand that no two customers are the same. For that reason, we always go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of our customers. This includes tailor-made packages and deals to suit your needs. To find out how our expert team of storage advisers can help you get in touch with Storage Manchester now.