Take a look at our recommendations for some businesses to run from a storage unit…


The most common use for a self storage facility is for home and personal storage. That being said there is huge potential for businesses to run from a storage unit and to take advantage of the cheap and affordable space on offer at places like Storage Manchester. At Storage Manchester we are experts in business storage solutions. We help businesses with things such as document and archive storage, receipt and dispatch services and office space rental. With these offers available we are able to help large varieties of businesses store for less and use a storage facility to expand and develop their business.

Traditional forms of space rental such as warehouse space, fulfilment centres and office rental can be hugely expensive and can often be the difference in a business being successful or a failure. There are many businesses that store with Storage Manchester that credit part of their success to the cheap services that are available here. Within this article we are going to look at some of the businesses you can run out of a self storage facility and how you can use Storage Manchester to help your business succeed.


    dropshipping storage

Dropshipping is a relatively new model of business but is something that has become prominent online with the rise of ‘infopranuers’. Many prominent presences on social media now offer expert advice and guidance on how to adopt a dropshipping model to run a successful business. The basic premise of dropshipping is that you find a supplier online such as AliExpress, find a product you think will be in demand, then set up a Shopify store to sell the products on at a profit. With the traditional model of dropshipping you will never see the products you sell, they will be shipped directly from China to your customers.

The traditional model of dropshipping doesn’t work as well in the UK. Due to UK custom rules, any package delivered over the value of £18 will incur a customs fee to the recipient. In addition to this delivery times are much higher from China to the UK than in the US where this model has become popular. Due to these restrictions the way dropshipping works in the UK is slightly different. For those looking to adopt this business model in the UK many people import the products they are selling in bulk to sell directly from their address. As you can imagine as demand for products grow you will need more inventory. As this can take up huge amounts of space a self storage facility offers a perfect environment to store this stock for an incredibly low price.

Online Ecommerce Store

ecommerce storage

This next point is similar to the point mentioned about dropshipping but refers to a more traditional model of ecommerce. If you are a business that operates online and you sell a physical product then the chances are that as your business grows you are going to need to invest in space to store your inventory. This normally leads people down one of two paths, they either have to assign a whole room in their house to hold their stock or they invest in a traditional warehouse space to store their stock. As you can imagine this can be either incredibly intrusive on your personal life or it can set you back financially by a considerable amount.

Storage Manchester help many ecommerce businesses of all sizes store their inventory for less. We have huge amounts of space going up to spaces as large as 400SQFT which is ideal for large and growing businesses. Our free receipt and dispatch service we operate at Storage Manchester is also very useful for people looking to receive and send packages from their storage unit.

All-in-one business Premises

office storage

Storage Manchester offer a range of different services to help businesses that choose to store with us. One of the best things we offer is having all of your operations in one location such as storage, inventory and office space. Storage Manchester is the ideal place to have all of these things in one place. We offer cheap storage space, office space and have additional services such as our free receipt and dispatch service as well as van rental and packing boxes.

Many of our business customers choose to move their whole set of business operations on site. For example several companies choose to store their stock and inventory in one of our storage units whilst also using our fully furbished office space to run the operational side of their business from.

Local Businesses and Charities

charity storage

Many smaller local businesses will use Storage Manchester for a range of different reasons. In addition to businesses many local charities will use a self storage facility for similar reasons. These reasons can reach from having some office space to run their business from to storing stock for a local shop or promotional materials for a local charity. In addition to this, a self storage facility can be great for many office based businesses such as accountants who can take advantage of our archive and document storage services. There is even several opportunities for local tradesmen such as electricians, joiners and local heating engineers providing services such as industrial heating

The cheap and affordable prices offered by Storage Manchester are great for helping businesses and charities keep their overheads low. At Storage Manchester we guarantee to be the cheapest provider of self storage solutions for businesses in the Manchester area. For that reason it often makes perfect sense for businesses to store with us as they tend to save huge amounts of money.

So what did we learn?

storage questions

This list is in no way conclusive. There are literally hundreds of businesses that you could use a self storage facility for and there are many more lists out there similar to this one. The main advantage of a storage facility compared to traditional forms of business space is the price. It is much cheaper to store your stock in a storage unit or operate your business from one of our cheap and affordable offices.

To discuss any business ideas further or to book up a space get in touch with a member of our team today. Our team at Storage Manchester are experts in helping businesses store for less and grow exponentially as a result.