There has never been a better time to start storing for less with the cheapest storage price in Manchester


Self Storage is becoming increasingly popular throughout the entire Manchester area. As a result, competition is steep and it has never been a better time to be a consumer. A large amount of choice in the Manchester area means that companies at battling it out to provide not only the best service but the best prices to their customers. For that reason, Storage Manchester guarantees to be the absolute cheapest storage price in Manchester. That being said there is a wide range of factors that can contribute towards the price for storage in Manchester.

In this blog post, we will look at some of the offers, deals and promotions that help contribute towards a cheap storage price for customers. In addition to that, we will also look at some of the prices for storage in the Manchester area and hopefully, by doing so we can highlight just how cheap Storage Manchester is in compression to our competition.

Flat Price

Transparent pricing is something that is difficult to find it storage. If you head to any major storage website you will be greeted with a storage quote provider. These are great but they force you to enter a bunch of personal information before you even see a price. For those that value privacy and the data they provide to companies, this can be an issue. Even for those customers who value time, having to scroll through pages of forms and fill out numerous details can be time-consuming.

Companies such as Storage Manchester have a transparent pricing system and you can find all of our prices over on our prices page. These prices include fantastic offers such as our 50% Off Your First 12 weeks storage. We won’t ask you to fill out any forms online or provide any sensitive personal data. You can simply call up a member of our team and they can give you a flat price for storage there and then. We also guarantee to be the cheapest storage price in Manchester.

Deals & Promotions

With so much competition out there you can bet there is a load of deals and promotions for would be storage customers to take advantage of. Storage Manchester, for example, has countless deals and promotions that can be tailored towards the individual needs of our customers. Some of our most popular deals include:



Location is an important factor when looking for storage and with so much choice around all of Manchester why shouldn’t it be? One thing you may be interested to hear is that the majority of customers who take out storage never revisit their storage unit until they move out. This factor means you can gain a lot of flexibility in price and promotional deals when looking outside of your local area for storage.

As an example, Storage Manchester offers its customers a free collection and removal up to a 60mile radius around Greater Manchester. With that in mind, our customers don’t need to live close by to us to take advantage of our exceptionally low prices.


Getting your things to and from your storage unit can be difficult. Some of the larger storage giants make some serious profit from this issue and many partner up with large national courier companies to charge a small fortune for the privilege of moving your things into their storage units. At Storage Manchester, we offer free collection and removals to our customers so they don’t have to break the bank to move their things into storage. If our free collection and removal service doesn’t work for you then you can also take advantage of our free self drive van hire. All of our customers have access to our free self drive van rental service so you can move your things in at your own pace.

Space & Variety

For those companies that are in the business of self storage, space is everything. Storage Manchester is one of the biggest single-site storage facilities in Manchester and boasts over 200,000 SqFt of storage space. In addition to that, we also have units starting from a small locker size right up to larger warehouse spaces for business storage. Regardless of how much space you need a company like Storage Manchester is perfect for matching your storage needs with the right space.


The wrap things up, this list is just a short 5 point guide on the things to look out for when choosing self storage. Ultimately the best way to find the right storage for you is to pick up the phone and talk to a storage expert, there is only so much you can read online! At Storage Manchester, we have a dedicated team of storage advisors who are on hand 7 days a week to help with your storage needs. To go your free self storage quote simply pick up the phone and give our team a call today for the best storage price in Manchester.