Find our top 5 reasons on why you should Choose Storage Manchester for your go to choice for Self Storage in Manchester

This article has been difficult to write for one major reason; it is incredibly difficult to narrow down all the reasons you should choose Storage Manchester into just 5 points. For that reason some of the points on this list will double up and cover several offers and promotions that we provide. Storage Manchester is one of the longest running self storage facilities in the Manchester area and with that comes years of experience in providing the best possible services and deals to our customers. Over the last 10 years we have worked tirelessly to develop our services to the point that they are the most competitive and rewarding for our customers. This list will comprise of what our customers have told us that they like the best about Storage Manchester and what offers have been most beneficial to them in terms of money saved and convenience of storage.

Free Collection & Removals

Our free collection & removal service is by far one of our most popular offers. When customers store with us we offer them a free collection and removals service that will help them get their things into their new storage unit with ease. Many other storage units will offer a collection and removal service but charge an extremely high rate to do so, this can often double and triple the cost of storage with them. This leaves many customers looking for external removal companies to move their belongings into a storage unit which is cheaper but can still significantly increase the cost of your storage.

At Storage Manchester we provide our customers with a free collection and removal service which allows our customers to move in with ease. Once you have your storage booked in with us we will arrange a date and time that works for you for collection and our team will call you on the day to confirm. On the day our team will show up and do all the heavy lifting for you, we have an expert team of removal staff that are experienced in transporting your goods in a safe and secure manner. Once the van is loaded your belongings will be transported to our state of the art Self Storage Facility and stored away in your new storage unit (only you will have the key).

To find out how you can benefit from a free collection and removal service and to choose Storage Manchester get in touch with our team for more information or head over to our Free Collection & Removals page for a more detailed breakdown of the promotion.


Guaranteed Cheapest in Manchester

We make it no secret throughout our website and company information that our main selling point is that we can guarantee to be the cheapest provider of self storage in the Manchester area. The self storage industry in Manchester is heavily saturated with many larger national and international companies setting up shop here. This has had a significant impact on the pricing for storage in the Manchester area as many of these companies have such a large presence nationally through advertising and marketing that they can charge incredibly high prices for the cost of storage. At Storage Manchester we believe that our customers shouldn’t have to pay the price to line the pockets of large national storage companies. We guarantee our customers the absolute cheapest price for self storage in Manchester.

There are several different ways in which we guarantee to provide cheap storage, for starters our prices are already incredibly low as you can see on our prices page. As well as our already low prices we also offer additional deals which help our customers store for less, some of these include:

50% Off Your First 10 Weeks: Our 50% off your first 10 weeks of storage if one of our most popular promotions. This deal is perfect for those looking to store for a longer period of time. Most of our competitors offer a similar type of deal however they will cap the discounted period at 4-8 weeks. With Storage Manchester we are committed to delivering this discount for as long as possible that is why we give our customers 12 weeks of 50% off on their storage.

Storage From £1 Per Week: Another example of how cheap we are at Storage Manchester is our Storage From £1 Per Week. This offer helps our customers to store for less depending on the size of space they require. Although Storage From £1 Per week doesn’t apply to all of our storage spaces you can see from our prices page that our prices don’t climb up much higher than this.

Customer Of Another Storage Company?: As part of our commitment to guaranteeing the cheapest storage prices in the Manchester area we also promise to beat the prices you are currently paying if you store with a competitor. Simply show us what you are currently paying for your storage elsewhere and we will beat your price.

Take advantage of these deals and promotions and choose Storage Manchester by getting in touch with a member of our tema today. We will be able to give you a completely free storage quote over the phone and you can start storing for less as soon as possible.

Free Insurance and No Deposit

Insurance is always an expensive endeavour for those looking for storage. With many storage companies insurance will be compulsory and it can often double the cost of your storage. At Storage Manchester we have a purpose built, safe and secure, undercover storage facility. Storage Manchester is home to over 300 CCTV cameras and a state of the art red care alarm system. For this reason we are incredibly confident that when you store your belongings with us they will be safe and secure. This has lead us to not making insurance compulsory for our customers whilst also being able to reassure them that their storage and valued belongings will still be safe and secure when they store with us. As well as insurance not being compulsory we can also offer it for free in many cases giving our customers that extra peace of mind for no extra cost.

As well as free insurance we also will not ask our customers for a deposit. At Storage Manchester our no deposit deal has been helping new customers of Storage Manchester save money for the last 10 years. At Storage Manchester customers can book in for a storage start date that works with them and simply show up and start storing for a weekly or monthly fee. We are able to do this due to the large size of Storage Manchester. Storage Manchester is the largest purpose built storage facility in the Greater Manchester area with over 200,000 SQ FT of storage space, this means that we have lots of space to let to our customers and won’t charge an expensive deposit to do so.

To Choose Storage Manchester and get the most of our free insurance and no deposit deals call up a member of our team today for your free storage quote and start storing for less today.

Free Van Rental

As well as our free collection and removal service which we highlighted in point 1 of this article we also offer each and every one of our customers a free van rental. This option has been particularly popular with short term storage customers who are only planning to store for a few weeks. As this deal is available to all of our customers it can help make the lives of storage customers a lot easier.

To take advantage of Storage Manchester’s free van rental simply request it when you book your storage with us. We will be able to arrange a free self drive van for you to use during your move in completely free of charge. Simply set a date and time you want to move in and we will arrange the rest. Being able to use a self drive van for free allows our customers to save a fortune when moving in as many van rental companies may charge over a hundred pounds just to use a van for several hours. The convenience of a van is also a reason why our customers find this offer so beneficial, with the use of a van customers can move in at a time and pace that works for them, many customers without a van may face several back and forth car trips to move their belongings in, this is something that could have been done in a single van trip.

To organise getting your free van rental and moving into your new state of the art self storage facility you can drop our team a call to get started or head over to our free van rental page for more information.

Open 7 Days A Week

At Storage Manchester we understand that life doesn’t work Monday-Friday 9-5 and neither should your self storage unit. Our dedicated team of storage experts are on hand 7 days a week to ensure that no matter when you need us we are there for you. Our ‘Open 7 Days a Week’ offer has allowed us to help more customers than ever before, one of the main complaints we have seen about other storage facilities is that customers struggle to get to their storage units when they need to. For this reason Storage Manchester are committed to being open 7 days a week meaning that no matter when customers need us we are here for you.

In addition to being open 7 days a week we also offer some storage units that are 24/7 so regardless of the day or time you need to access your storage unit you will have full access available. We have found this has been particularly beneficial to not only some home storage customers but also to our business storage customers. Having 24/7 access means that the majority of the time there will be staff on site to assist you in any queries you might have but also when there are no staff on site you will still have full access to your unit.

Get in touch with our team any day of the week and take advantage of our facility being open 7 Days A Week. To get started with arranging your self storage simply give our team a call for more information.

We’d Love To Hear From You

So as we mentioned at the start of this article it has been very difficult to include just 5 points on why you should choose Storage Manchester as your number one choice for self storage in Manchester. That being said this list has been important as it has helped to highlight the services that our customers have found the most beneficial during their time storing at Storage Manchester. To find out how you can take advantage of all the deals and promotions listed within this article simply give a member of our team a call.