Many Customers Want To Know What Size Storage Unit Is Right For Them….

Finding the right storage size when looking for a self storage unit is hugely important. Many storage companies will try to up-size you to a larger unit than you actually need because there is more money in it for them. At Storage Manchester we guarantee to be the cheapest provider of self storage in Manchester and part of that is not charging you for space you don’t need. Within any standard storage facility, you will come across a range of different sizes. These sizes can range from anything as small as a post-box up to huge storage spaces for warehouse and business storage. Due to this wide variety of different sizes, it can be difficult to identify just how much space you actually need.

If you have very little experience in dealing with different sizes in square feet it can be difficult to picture what each size relates to. At Storage Manchester, we have a handy storage size estimator to give you a rough idea. That being said, we have put together this article to help readers gain more insight into just how much storage space they actually need. We will break the article down into our most common sized storage units and detail the kind of people they are good for. This isn’t a hard rule ‘one size fits all’ kind of guide, ultimately the storage needs of each individual will always be different, this guide is a good starting point but you can always talk to an expert for more information.



A 25 SQFT storage unit is one of the smaller ones you can get. For some storage centres this may even be the smallest size they offer. At Storage Manchester we offer smaller sizes such as 10sqft and 16sqft but 25 tend to be a well rounded entry level for most customers. Our 25SQFT storage unit is around the size of your average garden shed. Many customers find this storage space ideal if they are looking to store several boxes along with some medium sized items such as bikes, a mattress or an armchair. If you are only looking to store a few items you may find that the 25sqft unit is the right size for you.



Next up from the 25SQFT unit is the slightly larger 35SQFT unit. For customers that may have a little bit more than what would fit in a 25SQFT unit the 35 acts as a brilliant middle gap between the 25 and 50 unit. This space can be great for those looking to store the contents of a small studio apartment and several small-medium sized items such as mattresses, benches, dining tables and more. In addition to this, if your belongings would fit inside a 25sqft unit but you think you may be in and out a lot, upgrading to a slightly bigger sized unit can give you easier access to your unit and belongings.



Following on from the 35SQFT unit we start to look toward much bigger sized units. This unit tends to be the size of your average household garage and will hold similar volumes of items. A 50SQFT storage unit tends to be the go-to storage unit size for people looking to store all of the contents form a 1bedroom flat. This size of unit is also ideal for people looking to store slightly larger items such as king-sized beds, desks and cupboards.



Now we are moving up to some fairly substantial sized units. The 100SQFT unit offers a relatively large amount of storage space. To use some of our previous examples if a 50sqft unit is approximately the size of a household garage then this is double the size. This space is ideal for customers who are looking to store the contents of a fairly large two bedroom flat. Similar to previous sizes this will give you loads of space to store larger items such as desks, wardrobes, king-sized beds and more.



The final size on this list is the 150SQFT unit, at Storage Manchester our sizes to go much higher than this (up to 400SQFT!) but the 150 tends to be a good sized unit for an average customer looking to store a reasonable amount of items. At Storage Manchester we have found that the 150SQFT unit is ideal for customers looking to store the contents of a family home, this includes larger and bulkier items such as a piano, large screen tvs and bulky furniture.

So what is the right size for you?


Ultimately, every customer is different and your storage needs are unique to you. Hopefully this guide has helped you better visualise just how much space you actually need for your items. There are other things to consider when finding the right storage size for you such as ease of access, duration of stay and future storage needs. At Storage Manchester we have years of experience in helping customers find the very best storage units for their needs. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how you can start storing for less and find the perfect space for you.