No one likes to be cold, at Storage Manchester we have you covered with our guide on keeping warm during the winter… 


As the colder weeks and months of winter seem to be arriving later and later each year and with the possibility of snow on the horizon, we decided there has never been a better time to look at our tips for keeping your house warm throughout the winter months. At Storage Manchester we know a thing or two about ensuring that your storage units remain cool and dry to help maintain the best conditions for your products to be stored in. That being said we also help a lot of customers who store home storage items or use us when moving to new houses. Through this we have picked up some useful tips and advice from our customers

Insulate your home

house insulation

This is one of the easiest wins to keep your house warm. You spend an absoloute fortunate on your gas and electricity bill so don’t let all that money go to waste. Ensuring your home is properly insulated will help you keep your house warm and stop all the warm air from escaping.

Layer Up

wrap up warm

This one won’t particularly help keep your house warm but it will help you stay warm. Putting on an extra jumper or jacket when you start to feel cold around the house will instantly warm you up. This can also help to lower your bills as more often than not you might not need the heating on – you might just need an extra layer of clothing.

Heating on a timer

heating schedule

Ensuring you have your heating set up on a timer that matches your daily routine will help to ensure that your house is warm when you need it. If you plan to wake up at 08:00 in the morning for example then set your heating to come on at 07:00 – this will ensure your house is nice and toasty by the time you get out of bed.

Close doors

closed doors

When we talk about closing doors we don’t simply mean closing your front or back doors to your house. We mean between rooms, for example if you spend the majority of your time in your living room then ensure the doors in and out of it are closed, that way you can compartmentalise where you want to be warm in your house without the gas bill jumping up for heating empty space.

Don’t rely on heating

hot water bottle

There are plenty of other ways to heat yourself up that may be cheaper or more comfortable than traditional radiator heating.  If you are fortunate enough to have a traditional fire in your home then having the occasional fire throughout the week can help heat your house for the cost of excess materials to burn. You may also want to take advantage of products such as hot water bottles or heated blankets to keep you warm through the winter.


We hope that you have found this breakdown of ways to stay warm during the winter insightful. At Storage Manchester we always aim to provide the very best information to our customers. If you feel like you might need more space during the winter or would like to free up space to make renovations such as fixing doors, windows or insulating your home, then get in touch with us. Our purpose built self storage facility is open 7 days a week and our team are always on hand to help you store for less.