We get a lot of questions here at Storage Manchester about a wide range of different queries, we already have an FAQ section set up to answer a lot of these questions but we thought we’d take the time to put together this article on some of the most common questions asked as well as some of the more unusual requests. These article will take a look at the Top 8 things we have found you want to know about self storage.

Storage Manchester is one of the longest running, purpose built self storage facilities in Manchester and over the years we have helped customers store a wide range of items and helped many customers with completely unique and individual challenges. Throughout this article we will take a look at those questions and Storage in Manchester can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

What Sized Storage Unit do I need?

There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect sized storage unit for your needs. At Storage Manchester we provide storage units for a range of different purposes such as home storage, student storage and business storage. Across these different types of storage we have a wide range of units available in a range of different sizes and our expert team of storage advisors are always on hand to give you advice on what the best sized storage units are. To give you more of an idea as well we have put together a handy Storage Size Estimator which helps you visualize how much space you will need along with how much that will cost you.

What are the sizes of storage units?

At Storage Manchester we have the most popular sized units in the storage industry along with a few larger and smaller units to help ensure people can find exactly what they are looking for. Our most commonly requested units are as follows:

storage sizes storage manchester

How much does it cost for a small storage unit?

At Storage Manchester we have multiple different small sized units so the price depends entirely on how much or how little you are looking to store. One of our most popular storage sizes is our 25SqFt units which start from just £6 per week. These units are perfect for anyone looking to store several boxes along with a couple of medium sized household items.

If you are looking for even less space we also have locker sized storage units available which are ideal for helping those that just want to store a few valuable items in. These smaller units start at 10SqFt from just £2.99 per week or 16SqFt for £4.50 per week. If you aren’t sure what sized small storage unit is right for you then get in touch with our team today who will be able to advise you on the best unit to match your needs.

What size storage unit for a 1 bedroom apartment

As with most things storage this question depends entirely on just how much you have inside your 1 bedroom apartment, how bulky it is, and how stackable it will be inside a storage unit. We usually recommend people looking to store the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment to consider either our 35SqFt units or 50SqFt units, these two sizes often cover even the larges of 1 bedroom apartments and come in at a very affordable price. These two sizes are perfect if you are looking to store a variety of items such as dining room tables, chairs, garden furniture or more.

We recommend both the 35 and 50 SqFt units for those looking to store the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment and the prices start at just £6.99 per week for the 35SqFt unit or £9.90 per week for the 50 SqFt unit.

What size storage unit do I need?

As we mentioned in some of the previous questions on this list, finding how just how much storage space you need can be tricky but at Storage Manchester we are here to help. We will never offer our customers a larger unit than they need, we want to find you the cheapest storage unit available so we will always work to exactly how much space you actually need. Our storage advisors will offer you advice on the best ways to load up your storage units to maximise the space and our offer of unlimited free packing boxes will help ensure that you can keep your items nicely stacked and organised to optimise your space even further.

To get an idea of just how much space you need why not head over to our Storage Size Estimator?

storage size estimator manchester

What size storage unit for a 3 bedroom house?

Finding the right space for a large 3 bedroom house can be daunting, a house that big often comes with a lot of large and bulky items that take up a lot of space but are naturally something you will want to hang on to. At Storage Manchester we recommend our 3 bedroom house customers to take advantage of our spacious and affordable 100SqFt units, this unit starts out at just £17 per week which provides a lot of space for your money.

The 100SqFt units are perfect for the contents of a 3 bedroom home and can be used to store items such as garden furniture, office equipment, king-sized beds, pianos and much more.

How much does it cost to rent a storage unit?

At Storage Manchester we believe that storage shouldn’t break the bank and should be affordable for everybody, for that reason we are committed to providing the cheapest price for self storage in Manchester. We are so confident in our cheap pricing structure that we guarantee to be the cheapest provider of self storage across Greater Manchester and beyond.

You can see a full breakdown of our prices below:

Pallet £1
10 Square Feet £2.99
16 Square Feet £4.50
25 Square Feet £6
35 Square Feet £6.99
50 Square Feet £9.90
75 Square Feet £13
100 Square Feet £17
125 Square Feet £19.50
150 Square Feet £22.50
175 Square Feet £25.50
300 Square Feet £42
400 Square Feet £52
Mailbox £4
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How to store a mattress in a storage unit?

One of the most common reasons people use self storage Manchester for is to store a mattress, we often get asked what the best way is to store a mattress and keep it safe and secure whilst in storage. With years of experience in helping customers we’ve put together a quick bullet point checklist so that our customers can ensure they store their mattress in a way that takes up the least space and keeps it in a good condition.

  • Clean Your Mattress Before Storage
  • Cover Your Mattress – We recommend using a plastic covering but even some old sheets will help keep the dust off
  • Move your mattress with two people – If you do need to slide your mattress try to cover that side of it with a sheet
  • When placing your mattress in your new storage unit try to turn it on it’s side to take up as little space as possible
  • If you decide to lay your mattress flat you can take advantage of being able to stack smaller items on top of it or items you don’t want touching the ground
  • We would only recommend storing very light objects on top of the mattress as anything heavier could damage the springs