So Let’s Break Down How To Start 2020 Right With Storage Manchester

Firstly a big happy new year from the team and Storage Manchester. With a new year and indeed a new decade upon us we are going to take a look at how you can set yourself and your life up for the very best year ahead by using self storage. So, how can you start 2020 right with Storage Manchester? Self storage can massively improve your lifestyle by helping you free up space, time, and money. In this week’s blog, we will break down just how exactly you can use Storage Manchester to organise your way to a better life in 2020.

Organise Your Belongings

Self storage can be a fantastic way to safely and securely organise your belongings in a way that doesn’t intrude on your day to day life. Sadly the majority of us aren’t blessed with endless amounts of storage space and with that comes a certain strain on how we organise our belongings. Some items may need more or less access than others and this can put a strain on the space you have in your house. Self storage can give you a place that is safe, secure, and easy to get to and allow you to place items in there that you may want a clear and easy access path to or even to store items you don’t use very often.

Save rarely used but valuable items


We all have a little bit of an inner-hoarder in us and self storage gives us the ideal opportunity to embrace that. Storage Manchester allows you to store away those items you have sitting around your house that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of, this may be sentimental items or things you feel you may use in the future, whatever your reasons cheap and affordable storage space could be the solution for you. In addition to this, you may have some valuable items that you don’t currently use that may get damaged when bundled into the loft or a cupboard at home. Using self storage at Storage Manchester will allow you to protect these valuable items in a dry, protected, and cheap storage unit. 



It might be the case that along with a new and improved you in 2020 you will be looking to improve your home. Home renovations are a great way to improve your quality of life at home and the start of the year is always a good time to do this. Get your big changes and renovations out of the way in the first quarter of 2020 and sit back and enjoy your new and improved house throughout the year. Self storage can help with big and small renovation projects by giving you somewhere to store your furniture and belongings while you decorate. This can be great for people decorating entire rooms or even their entire house. You can take advantage of our free van rental to move all of your furniture into your storage unit and keep it there, safe and secure, until your renovations are completed.

Move House


Moving house is one of the biggest events in a person’s life and ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible is one of our specialities at Storage Manchester. There is a huge range of different things to consider when moving house and these can cause a lot of stress. Things like coordinating leaving your old house and moving into your new one can be a big issue. Using Storage Manchester can give you a place to store your belongings between moves while you wait for your new house to become available. In addition to this self storage will allow you to store your belongings out of the way while you move into your new house. This will give you the chance to prioritise the most important things you want to get set up in your house and gradually retrieve the rest of your belongings at a time that is convenient for you. Storage Manchester makes this even easier with our free collection and removals services.

Seasonal Storage Throughout the Year


As it is January at the time of writing this blog it seems important to point out just how quickly Christmas and New Year come and go each year. With the festive season behind us, season storage may be something you want to consider. Many customers here at Storage Manchester use self storage for season reasons, if like many people you go big at Christmas time then the chances are you are going to have a lot of decorations to pack away in January. Storage Manchester provides cheap and affordable storage space for you to store away all your Christmas decorations. With that being said, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it is only January and summer is a fair few months away, with that in mind many customers also take advantage of Storage Manchester to store garden furniture and outdoor sporting equipment.



Ok, so let’s recap, this list is just a super shortlist of some of the ways you can use self storage in 2020. There is countless other ways a storage facility may benefit you from home storage, business storage and even student storage. If you are looking to free up more space or spend a little to save more in the long run then we are the right place for you. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you save even more money, time, and space.