What are the Top 5 Strangest Things Ever Found in Self Storage?…. Let’s find out! 


Here at Storage Manchester, we are passionate about self storage. We provide the cheapest storage in Manchester and work hard to improve our offerings for all of our customers across home storage, business storage and student storage. Because of our wide-reaching services we like to think we’ve seen our fair share of different and unique things in a storage unit, that being said when it came to researching this article it turns out we hadn’t seen anything.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the 5 strangest things people have found in self storage units throughout the world.

A stolen 1 Million dollar Comic Book

comic books

Anyone that classes themselves as a bit of a nerd culture enthusiast may know that Nicolas Cage also falls into that category. A few years back Nic Cage fell victim to a house burglary and unfortunately one of the items they took was a $1million original superman comic book. Several years went by without anyone finding the comic book only for it show up over 10 years later in an abandoned self storage unit.

NASA Rocket

nasa rocket

At Storage Manchester space is what we deal with on a day to day basis. Another company that deals with space on the daily is NASA (ok, it’s a different kind of space but there is a link here). A storage unit in Florida was found abandoned and contained a discontinued NASA rocket and timer which eventually made their way onto the TV show Auction Hunters on SpikeTV.


007s Submarine Car

007 james bond car

Much like 007, safety and security is of the utmost importance to those who provide self storage. James Bond himself must have recognised the security that can be provided by a self storage unit as back in the 70s is appears Bond himself placed one of his 8 custom submarine cars into a storage unit. Jump forward nearly 20 years and a man purchased an abandoned storage unit for $100 only to find the car in question. Several years later the car was sold to none other than Elon Musk for just short of $1million.


Someone’s Gran

grandma coffin

Ok, we will try to keep this one as upbeat as possible, a family in Florida (why are all these stories from Florida?!) must have adopted the notion that many people keep urns of loved ones in storage units? Why not, after all it’s the perfect place to keep valuable belongings out of harm’s way. This particular family in question decided however that they were going to take this one step further. This Florida family kept their grandma in her casket inside their storage unit for the best part of 17 years.

MJ’s unheard tracks

michael jackson unheard music

The last point on our list is a real thriller. Michael Jackson wasn’t particularly short on real estate or hit records but his father Joe Jackson must have been looking to free up a bit of space around the family home. A storage unit was uncovered containing nearly 250 previously unheard Michael Jackson tracks in his fathers storage unit.

What Next?

This article takes a look at the top 5 strangest and most interesting things we could find that people have discovered in their storage units over the years. Do you have something strange you’d like to store in one of our units? Perhaps not, but even if you just want the cheapest self storage for home, business and student use in the Manchester area then we are on hand to help. Simply give a member of our team a call today and start storing for less!