Working alongside a Storage Company in Manchester Could Be Hugely Beneficial To Your Company…

At Storage Manchester, we pride ourselves on delivering fantastic services to those that choose to store with us. We offer a huge range of options to our customers and cover storage for businesses, homes, students and much, much more. In addition to all of this, we offer these services at the cheapest possible price in the Manchester area. Storage Manchester ensures that we provide industry-leading services at what we guarantee to be the cheapest price in Manchester. We do this by offering huge discounts such as 50% off your first 12 weeks and free collection and removals. Self Storage sites can be a great source of business for other businesses in the local area that may benefit from working with a storage company in Manchester. There are many businesses that can work in sync with a self storage facility and form mutually beneficial relationships.

At Storage Manchester we have put together the following list of other businesses and organisations we feel can really benefit from developing a close working relationship with a local self storage facility such as Storage Manchester. There are many businesses that can drive customers towards the use of a self storage facility and vice versa. These relationships are something we nurture at Storage Manchester and we find they can be hugely beneficial to both parties.

  • Estate Agents

estate agents manchester

It may come as little surprise to you that many of the customers that choose to use a self storage facility are people in the process of moving house. Moving house can be stressful and having somewhere to safely and securely put your belongings while you move can be even more stressful. This is no doubt something that is encountered by estate agents on a near-daily basis. As an estate agent building up a good working relationship with a local self storage facility can help them offer their customers a place to store their belongings while they move. Similarly, customers with things in storage that may be actively looking for a house or somewhere to stay can be referred to the estate agents.

  • Removal Companies

removal company manchester

At Storage Manchester, we have our own in-house team of removal experts along with a range of different sized vans to help people move. We even offer Free Collection and Removals as well as Free Van Rental for customers. That being said our courtyard is often full of external removal companies that bring their customers belongings along for storage. We don’t see these companies as competition, we love working alongside removal companies to help both of our customers store for less in the Greater Manchester area. Many removal companies recommend Storage Manchester to their customers as a place to safely and securely store their belongings for the cheapest price in Manchester. Equally so, for the times our team have a large workload on or are unable to get to a customer we gladly recommend local and reliable removal companies to our customers.

  • Local Charities

local charity manchester

A self storage facility such as Storage Manchester can be a great base of operations for many local charities. We have huge amounts of storage space available at a super cheap price (cheaper than all of our competitors!) and can even offer discounted rates to local charities to help them keep their outgoing operation costs as low as possible. In addition to having storage space, we even have office space available on-site so as a charity (or any business for that matter!) you can run your base of operations from the same location as your stock and equipment is stored. To find out how Storage Manchester could help your charity take a look around our website or get in touch with a member of our team.

There are many ways in which a storage company in Manchester such as Storage Manchester can help local businesses and work alongside each other to benefit even more customers. This list is just a short one but hopefully, it can give you some ideas of how you could work alongside a self storage company to benefit your customers. If you would like to discuss any ideas further please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team!